Lauren Teague: Teaching Grit Through Golf


Lauren Teague

Cultivating relationships, both offline and online, is key to achieving long-range goals. That’s one of the messages from this week’s guest, Lauren Teague.

Teague is a social media pro, entrepreneur, consultant, podcast host, and full-time mom of three, who previously worked for many years as the person behind the PGA Tour’s social media presence. She shares her philosophy on conversation-driven engagement and talks about how to model a good work and life ethic for kids who look to you for examples.

She credits her parents with teaching her to be both highly driven and dedicated to her pursuits. Her mother gave her the gift of vision, she says, while her dad showed her that hard work breeds success. It’s those skills she’s put to work both in her private and professional lives.

She and her husband are dedicated to joint long-term goals for their relationship and their kids, Teague explains. And career-wise, she’s pushed herself to create her dream job, in which she’s found success and fulfillment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Build social media engagement by focusing on personal connections
  • Be selective and strategic about what opportunities you pursue
  • Model work ethic and effort for your kids
  • Invest in relationships, both online and offline
  • Commit to a long-range plan and set milestones along the way


“I can do anything that I can put my mind to but I also understand that with that comes a lot of work to get to the level of success or fulfilment that brings.” -Lauren Teague

“(Our kids are) starting to understand how work happens and what effort is. It’s going to be a lifelong challenge for us to model those things because it’s true this generation that our generation will be raising—they have a lot of different things than we did as kids. So, trying to navigate that as a parent and trying to put yourself into your kids’ place and trying to give them everything without them feeling entitled to everything is really, really hard.” -Lauren Teague

“I really feel like social media is best when it’s truly a social interaction or a way to build community.” -Lauren Teague

“Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s not relationship-driven.” -Lauren Teague

“You should be putting more in your mentions tab and your engagement tabs than your general news feed because that’s really where the magic happens.” -Lauren Teague


You can follow Lauren Teague on social media @LaurenTTeague. You can find out more about her new podcast, Mom Buns, social media, or by searching for it wherever you get your podcasts.

Last modified: May 29, 2019

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