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Raising Competitors was created to unite parents in a learning environment where we are encouraged in parenting youth athletes, equipped with new lessons to help teach grit, leadership, & gratitude, & engaged in raising the next generation to succeed in school, sports, & life.

Learn how your youth athlete can embrace the 5 Traits of a Winning Competitor to excel in life on and off of the field.

5 Traits of a Winning Competitor™:

GRITThe ability to persevere with a sustained inner fire for your goal. Learn how to build & strengthen yours!

GROWTHSuccessful Competitors continually invest in learning and developing their skills. Learn how you can encourage the attitude of a lifelong learner!

GRATITUDEGratitude can change your world in an instant. Learn how to embrace an attitude of daily gratitude while continuing to pursue your goals and best life.

GREATNESSWhat separates the great ones? It’s not talent. It’s their drive, their effort, and consistency. Learn how you can follow suit to pursue greatness in your work, your workouts, and your life.

GROOM: Legacies are created when leaders create more leaders. Learn ways to build a lasting legacy by leading on your team, your school, and your home.

Join the community and exchange ideas, connect with other parents,  and learn new ways to help your youth athlete succeed in sports, school, and life.

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