"Jake was one of the best speakers we've ever had. It was fresh and very effective - he provided a million dollar presentation for our franchise owner. His presentation provided daily takeaways that we implemented the following Monday. He gave a motivational presentation which has created long-term tangible daily results. Our ROI on his 1 hour is going to be really good!"


“Jake was just what the doctor ordered for our annual team meeting this year. His message was clear and energizing! Our team is still Competing Everyday thanks to Jake and his time with us. If you want your team to get the mindset needed to elevate their game, then I would highly recommend having Jake come talk to them. Money well spent!”

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Featured Keynotes

End on Empty

Learn how a Competitor's Mindset can help you lead better, perform better, and move faster toward your goals. It’s through this empowerment that you embrace grit, value accountability, use setbacks to set up your next win, and don’t give up until the race is truly over.

Your team will leave this talk ready to compete every day against their previous best to elevate the level of impact they make in their organization and lives.

Heart Beats Hype

Hype may garner the headlines but heart is what takes home the trophy. Learn the 4 key traits to a Champion's Heart and how harnessing them can take even the biggest underdog to the Championship podium.

Beat Yesterday: From "What If" to "I Did It"

Jake reveals his step-by-step process that helps you clarify your goals, establish the routines that serve as the foundation to reach those goals, and a plan of attack to make those goals future benchmarks. Our goals, whether they’re personal or professional, sometimes take years to reach, and don’t include the easier, default milestones you can check off this week or month.

Don’t just talk about your goals: Achieve them. Jake will show you how.

**Jake can also customize and tailor keynote to your event's specific needs.