How Playing Multiple Sports Helps in Learning Multiple Subjects

One of the challenges as a student is having to learn multiple subjects in any given year. Reading, writing, &...

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Featured, Op-Ed

Is It Really Worth Your Retirement?

TD Ameritrade recently published a study on the financial impact youth sports are having on parents’ retirement funds. As most of you know, the costs to...

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You Don’t Like It? Do Something About It.

Did you catch Tuesday’s baseball fight between the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox? Both benches cleared after KC pitcher Brad Keller beaned...

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Baseball Lessons You Can Use to Teach Your Kid About Life

Spring is marked not by the changing of the seasons and blooming of the flowers, but by the cry “Play Ball” as Opening Day signals the start of new...

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Kids Are Not Entitled to Championships

You are not entitled to championships as an athlete just because of where you go or what your last name is. The beauty of sports is that it’s a meritocracy...

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So What If My Kid Never Loses?

You don’t want to lose. You never want your kid to lose, but out of loss and failure comes lessons and teachable moments that can set the child up for...

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